This is how my office looks like today. Pure nature

I have always dreamt about my own beautiful pine-furnished kitchen.

It is fantastic how beautiful pine furniture may look with different surface finish.


PineLux wood panels are the most environment-friendly products that we make in our factories from specially cut sapwood planks. Sapwood is the living outermost area of a tree trunk. In contrast to heartwood, which is dead inner portion of a trunk, it is free of hazardous chemical compounds like phenols, terpens and resins. In pine wood this fact is also responsible for much lighter color of sapwood.

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Before we glue our panels, all the defects such as knots, discoloration areas and cracks are being cut off to offer absolutely knotless surface. In our manufacturing process we use both flat and rift sawing to achieve perfect results in terms of dimensional stability of the final product.

Our panels are used in furniture and interior design and offer a broad range of finish possibilities like painting, staining, brushing and many more.

We make one and three layer panels and they not only differ by the composition of planks but also by surface grain orientation.

Our three layer panels have a plane cut surface appearance while one layer panels have rift sawn surface. Designers can use these two options to implement their original ideas and  create their very special furniture and interior solutions.

Standards and intended use

We make our panels according to DIN EN 313-1.

All panels are intended for interior service and are not suitable for use in humid conditions.

To make our panels we use PVA D3 E1 emission class white glue.

Both one and three-layer panels are perfect material for furniture and cabinet making.


Dimensions and formats

We make panels 3,05 meters long and 2.05 meters wide and we cut them to size when our customer needs smaller sizes.

For DIY market we make tongue and groove 3.05 long 0.5 m wide panel for ceiling and wall decorations. Other T&G sizes are optional.

Standard thicknesses are 12 , 16 , 19, 24 millimetres for both types of panels.

Face lamella quality classes

Our panels can be supplied unsanded,
sanded with #120 grit


Class A+

without finger joints

Class A

3 to 5 knots with 5 mm and less in diameter are allowed. Lamellas 500mm and longer.

Class B

up to 10 knots with 15 mm and less in diameter. Lamellas 150 mm and longer.

Class C

non visual quality.

Surface classes for one-layer panels


Class A/A

Few knots and resin pockets 5mm and smaller

Class B/B

A few knots and resin pockets 10mm and smaller

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